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Use VR or Not

by Jim on May 2nd, 2010

In reviewing on line post regarding lenses, I came across one by someone who stated they leave VR / OS / VC on all the time on my lens. I though here is a classic example of someone who does not understand how VR works or when to use it. Probably came from the misconception that expensive lenses come with it, so if I want to have the highest quality photos I should just leave VR on all the time.

Unfortunately, VR is not the panacea for perfect photos. There are situations where it can make a photo look better by reducing the negative effects of movement of a none stable platform at low shutter speeds. Hand held shots of something not moving in low light, perfect example of when VR should be used. Action shots, high shutter speeds over 1/500 second or on a tripod, then  leave VR off.

There are many times when VR is not only not needed, but  can actually reduce image quality as well. The whole concept is to improve image quality right? So the photographer should know when to use it and when to leave it off. Rather than go through a full discussion, Tom has done that at the link below:

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