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by Jim on February 15th, 2010

I have seen a lot of speculation on line about the potential D800. Many sites incorrectly guessed that Nikon would have something to market 18 months after the D700 was announced. Picking PMA as the likely event to announce it to the public.

However, that did not take into account the engineering difficulties of  maintaining high ISO performance and increasing pixel count. A more realistic time frame would be 24 months, roughly two years after the D700 was announced. That time frame  would put the new DSLR announcement around July 2010, with actual availability closer to September 2010.


One year after the original post Nikon has yet to announce the D700 replacement, although some think the release is close, the specs and actual release date are still only rumors. My own guess at the specs has not changed, but  my opinion as to when Nikon will have a press release. It’s at least six months away, my revised date is August 2011, and December 2011 as the target date for  a purchase.

My Choice:

I purchased a D700 in December because after 18 months I was tired of waiting on Nikon to announce the specs for its replacement. Feel that my D800 blog is pretty darn close to what Nikon will announce. I don’t need video, of course more MP in crop mode would be nice, but not needed with the D300 I all ready own. Lastly,  I don’t think a 18 MP D800 will have similar D3s performance ( a 18 MP D4 probably will).

Key new features:

  • High ISO performace at least equal to the D700
  • Pixel count in the 16 to 18 MP range
  • Dual card slots
  • 3 to 5 fps in FX mode
  • 1080 video

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